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Official Meeting with our Partners at Pwani University


On 17th April 2017 we hold our meeting with our partners from Pwani University and our partners from Uwezo Development Initiative . Since our project kickoff meeting in September we finished the first project period.

Data collection as a basis for further initiatives

This first project period consisted in collecting data about the targeted women. 43 women have been interviewed by both Pwani and UDI team on their situation and their goals and expectations. Moreover, there have been key informant and focus group discussions in order to get a picture from different perspectives. The results from the data collection will be analysed both qualitative and quantitative. This data is an important basis for deriving suitable initiatives and to measure the future success.

For the next initiatives, we agreed on the following topics and activities:

  1. An agricultural project with the goal to enable food security and nutrition as well as and provide job possibilities
    • the young mothers should be given some land where they can grow crops and vegetables. The products can be used for themselves, the community and for sales.
  2. Training on family planning for different groups, including the targeted women, their partners, and the community
    • This should be done by training the groups in their villages and to give them access to family planning methods in nearby hospitals