Visiting the 4th Graduation Ceremony of PWANI university

It was a lucky coincidence that during our stay in Kenya, PWANI university celebrated the 4th graduation ceremony. About 8.000 guests were expected to celebrate the graduation of over 1.000 bachelor and master graduates.

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To our honor, we were invited to this special event. It was an interesting experience to see such a big graduation event because we don’t have such big ceremonies for graduation in Germany. There were speeches by chancellors as well as impressing performances by students from university, high school and primary school.

In my opinion this is a good way to show value the achievements of the graduates and to celebrate with them. Finishing the studies is an important milestone in one’s life and I like the idea how this is appreciated and celebrated within the framework of this event together with the family.

In Germany, having various options for studying and achieving a good education is taken for granted. Maybe this is why it is not celebrated that much in our country.